My name is Julia!

lover of lattes, rainy days, candles, and fog


Born and raised in the mountains of Virginia, I found myself drawn towards nature and its raw and intricate beauty. As a child I always had a big imagination. Because of this, photography came naturally to me as a way to tell stories and share my journeys. Inspired by the values of the Romantic Era, creating moody imagery that evokes emotion is what I do best. I have always had an eye for detail and enjoy every moment of documenting & preserving your memories through photography.

If I’m not out shooting a wedding or session, you’ll find me in my local coffee shop. Want to join me for a latte? Email me and we can chat about anything from your wedding vision to your favourite books.


Some other things you might want to know about me:

+ I studied Fashion Merchandising & Business at Liberty University and am now working on my MBA

+  lover of adventures, rainy days, long books, music, and writing

+ I lived in London for a summer, and I dream about the day I can return

+ enneagram 4w3 (I’ll talk about this forever)

+ avid coffee & tea drinker 

+ travelling is one of my favourite things to do, whether in a near-by town or across the ocean

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How I DESCRIBE My photographic style:  

nostalgic, inspired by film, deep & vibrant, moody,

neutral tones, timeless, artfully told stories,


photos courtesy of David Michael